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Dr. Feit is a treasure. She has helped me to see the motivation behind my choices in a comfortable judgment free environment. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

So, you or someone you know and love have been diagnosed with cancer. Maybe you have lost someone to cancer. Maybe you are surviving cancer, maybe many years out, or maybe just months and finally have a minute to breathe and review what has happened.

Psycho-Oncology providers are few and far between:

Dr. Feit is one of the few health psychologists in the area that has completed a fellowship and her thesis in oncology, specializing her practice to psycho-oncology. Based in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Feit collaborates with physicians in all the major cancer facilities throughout Georgia. Dr. Feit has been passionate about the world of oncology since high school when she began asking questions of a family friend who is still a practicing oncologist. Then it became volunteering for Gilda’s Club through graduate school, where individuals and families could come find support and fun throughout this life altering moment. In internship she treated oncology patients and in residency she worked with bone marrow transplant patients. It has always been at the core of why she sought out health psychology.

What is Oncology Psychology/Psycho-Oncology?

Psycho-oncology, cancer psychology, oncology psychology, however we term it means the same thing; the psychological care and support of individuals and families experiencing cancer. The diagnosis of cancer can change your center point, in one moment the world is moving just as planned and then reality completely shifts.

What makes this different from other therapy specialties?

As specialists in the psychology of oncology, we approach your care using a bio-psycho-social approach, meaning we take the entire person’s biological, psychological, and social experiences into account when providing therapy. We understand that change, the shattering reality, the hurt, and the ongoing grief and loss of what was and what could be.

Surviving and Coming up for air:

Perhaps you are a survivor, and have been changed by this experience, specifically how you relate to others and the world around you, and you don’t know exactly why and what this experience has accomplished but you want to continue to move forward. Many people seek out care after
treatment because its finally time to think about what happened and where to go from here.

Processing the Grief and Trauma:

Grief and trauma processing is a large aspect of psycho-oncology, because it’s about the loss of what was and moving forward in developing our new normal. Providing coping skills, mindfulness techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, and existential therapy are all a part of this integrative approach. Our practice understands and specializes in this unique and wonderful community. Please reach out for support.

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