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A specialty in psycho-oncology and the emotional issues that occur for patient and their loved ones.


Expertise training in the understanding of the role of health and medical issues have on the mind and body.

Supporting womens health issues, motherhood, pregnancy and fertility, life transitions and empowerment.

Processing trauma, EMDR services.

Depression & Anxiety

Individualized evidence based treatment for depression, anxiety, and adjustment diagnoses.

Lifestyle & Wellness

Learning how to foster coping skills with techniques such as mindfulness & behavioral life changes to achieve a feeling of wellness throughout all aspects of your life.

Telehealth Provider

Evolve Behavioral is currently offering specialized health psychology services, utilizing tele-health psychological services across the United States. In addition to individual therapy, our practice is also able to provide workshops, lecture series, and invited speaking engagements anywhere in the country.

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Evolve Behavioral is a specialized health psychology practice in Atlanta specializing in medical psychology and the integration between body and mind. Our practice is uniquely specialized to provide integrative and individually tailored care to individuals hoping to achieve a greater knowledge and understanding of themselves and their bodies. Our goal is to “meet you where you are” both psychologically and geographically.

Dr. Rachel Feit, PSY. D

Welcome to Evolve Behavioral: Advanced Psych Services where we hope you will find the support and answers you are looking for. Dr. Feit’s primary goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment for those seeking out a specialized approach as a clinical health psychologist. After working many years embedded into large hospital systems as a health psychologist, she recognized that there was a specific need for access to a health psychologist in the greater community. What if you made a connection with the therapist that was helping you during chemotherapy? What if you had met a psychologist you trusted after giving birth? What if you were newly diagnosed with diabetes and the health psychologist that explained it to you finally spoke your language? She wanted to be accessible throughout your care. She opened her practice in Atlanta, Georgia in 2020, and holds a PSYPACT license and can practice throughout the country as a telehealth provider. Collaborating with other health care professionals and providing recommendations and referrals is also part of a health psychologists speciality, and at Evolve Behavioral, we are comprised of a doctoral level psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, and collaborate with psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, family medicine/internal physicians, and specialty physicians in the Georgia area.

Dr Feit holds a degree and completed fellowship in the field of Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology. She completed a fellowship on the transplant team at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and focused on oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant. Professionally, Dr. Feit has worked for nationally recognized hospital systems in Detroit, holding faculty appointments within graduate medical education in Indiana, Michigan, and Georgia, teaching primary care physicians how to help individuals with psychological needs. She has served on hospital Wellness Committees and worked with Executive Leadership in creating mental health initiatives for the communities in which they serve. Her background allows her to treat a wide range of individual and family issues including, cancer, hematology/oncology, medical diagnoses and treatment, caregiving, womens health, motherhood, grief/loss adjusting to current life stress, adolescent and parenting issues, pre marital/partnership counseling, panic attacks, sleep issues, PTSD, and more. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering with mental health adjacent organizations focused on wellness, motherhood, cancer, empowerment of adolescents, and veterans. She specializes in health and wellness and approaches her clients with individualized treatment approaches. She is always seeking new learning opportunities and ways to enhance the client experience and become involved in the community.


What Is Health Psychology?

Health psychology is a specialty of clinical psychology that explores the connection between the body and mind. Someone with a degree in health psychology has a strong educational background in bio-medical health, human behavior, clinical psychology, and is typically well integrated into the medical world. A health psychologist explores the biological, social, and psychological factors that influence our behaviors and thoughts. More specific to health psychologists is the understanding of chronic and acute illnesses and how the effects it can have on the mind.

What Is Psycho-Oncology?

The field of psycho-oncology has been called many names, from psychosocial oncology, psychiatric oncology, or supportive care, however they are all part of the greater field of the psychological support of individuals experiencing cancer. This specialty within health psychology, specifically focuses on the experience of cancer and the ways it can change ones entire perception of the world they know. Whether you are a patient, survivor, family member, caregiver or friend, you deserve support through this time. The word Cancer can shatter our perception of reality and send shock waves through the entire community. Our practice is dedicated to specializing in the psychological effects of cancer and helping provide support and coping skills throughout your life. Dr. Feit has spent the majority of her career working within the field of oncology and completed a fellowship in health psychology/psycho-oncology. She participates and volunteers in oncology based support services and has presented in numerous speaking engagements about the role a psychologist can play in supporting individuals experiencing cancer. Maybe you lost someone to cancer 20 years ago, maybe you have been recently diagnosed, maybe you are a survivor but still bear the emotional scars, we understand and are here for you.

What Is The Difference Between A Clinical Psychologist And A Health Psychology?

All health psychologists are clinical psychologists, but not all clinical psychologists are health psychologists. The foundational education that health psychologists have are likely to be based in clinical psychology. Clinical psychologists study mental health, with a focus on diagnostics, treatment and evaluation. Health psychologists are a specialty of clinical psychologist that focused on the relationship between mental and physical health.

Why Is A Health Psychologist In Private Practice?

You would typically encounter a health psychologist embedded within a team of medical professionals. We have been there. This practice was built with accessibility in mind and being one of a few health psychologists in private practice allows us to reach more people in need. This practice was built with the intention of forming long lasting relationships with physicians and patients, but making sure that relationship continued after discharge or treatment had come to an end.

Do We Accept Insurance?

At this time we do not accept insurance and are a self-pay practice. For rates, please refer to your specific provider. Many of our patients submit out of network reimbursement statements directly to their insurance and receive compensation depending on their individual insurance plan. We have the ability to also submit these claims directly to your insurance on your behalf and can walk you through the process.

What Ages Do We See In Our Practice? Do You Do Couples Counseling?

Currently our practice sees individuals aged 12 and older. Some of our clinicians specialize in adolescent and young adult treatment and have specialized training and experience in this area of care. We see individuals primarily but can work with a couple or family as it relates to the individual. We look forward to discussing your needs with you.

Do You Offer Online Therapy?

Yes we do! Our practice is currently 100% virtual. We have begun looking and exploring the option of an in-person location. Online/telehealth therapy has become such an incredible opportunity to many people who have had trouble finding the time or opportunity to in their day to come into an office. Our practice serves to meet you wherever is most convenient for you. This allows for less time away from work or family, and more time in a place where you feel comfortable. For those with many physician care appointments, this is one less coordinated event. We have found that the opportunity for telehealth appointments has been extremely well received and preferable to the majority of the individuals we treat.

How Long Is Each Session?

A typical session ranges from 50-55 minutes. This session time allows the clinician to appropriately document and process each session. During your initial session, time may run closer to the hour mark, however the last few minutes should be utilized in making a collaborative plan for treatment moving forward.

Do You Prescribe Medication?

In the state of Georgia, psychologists are not able to prescribe medication. Our psychologist does have extensive background and knowledge of psychopharmacology and pharmacology in general due to her specialty in health and medicine and can happily discuss where you can find appropriate treatment. We have a strong relationship with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner whom we send most of our referrals to currently.

Will You Collaborate And Communicate With My Physician Care Team?

One of the benefits of seeing a health psychologist is the ability to “speak the same language” as your physician care team. Should you feel it would be helpful, we will provider you with the appropriate documentation (release form) to discuss your care with your physician care team. It can be a very helpful relationship to have between your physician and psychologist in order to provide the best care. Many health psychologists are embedded into the hospital and naturally interact and collaborate regularly with the medical team.

What Degrees, Certifications, Or License Do Your Therapists Have?

Currently our clinicians have licensure throughout the country. Our therapists hold doctoral degrees and specialty fellowships and certifications, along with masters level counseling degrees, medical social work, licensed clinical social work, trauma certification and EMDR training.

What Is Women's Health Psychology?

Women’s health psychology is a topic that focuses on the needs that are distinctive to women. Women’s health psychology provides a more purposeful coverage of the experiences that women have in the social, cultural, and economic context that relate to their health and mental wellness. Our practice hopes to provide support and treatment for issues related to motherhood, fertility, pregnancy, post-partum experiences, as well as topics such as empowerment, professional and personal achievement, trauma and life transitions.